Monday, May 24, 2010

Can anyone give me the nearest animal shelters to Montebello? I want to adopt a puppy.?

You can go to and do a search for dogs with your zip code and it will bring up all the shelters and rescues near you, with the nearest ones at the top of the list.
Here are search results for dogs in Montebello, CA:
Good luck, hope you find the perfect puppy for you to adopt. :)
Um..I don't live there but here's a site: try here! I Hope I Helped!If You Need More Sites Just Let Me Know LOL!

Can anyone email me a really cute picture of a baby otter? my address is

Agreed, it's not safe giving your address out in the public. People can prank you with viruses that have an email title of 'Baby Otter'. That's what the names for security under the pictures are for.
Search it up on Yahoo or Google for Baby Otter , or Cute Baby Otter.
I found some pictures, here they are:
Why don't you just search "baby otter" under yahoo or google pictures?? It's not really safe to give out your email to strangers.
Search on You-tube: A few weeks ago, I saw a couple of movies there featuring otters.
Good luck!
Why not asking people for a 'link' to a site where they show pictures of baby otters? It's not a good idea to give out your e-mail address. I'll give you a link of pictures of baby otters, but I will certainly not e-mail you. I don't do e-mailing, sorry.
I hope this helps you out. But, why give out your e-mail address and ask people to give you pictures when you can do it yourself? Go on Google, click on images on the top left corner, go in the search box, type in 'baby otters,' then click 'search.' It's not hard...

Can animals get paranoid?

Yes horses for example. they get parinoid by hoses... sounds.....
Yes. You should see my chihuahua.
Yup.My cockatiel is a little paranoid
Yea any loud noice or sudden movement cause this.

Can Animals cry?

i know this is random but i have always wondered about it. tell me what you think.
While any animal with tear ducts can produce tears, not all animals cry out of sadnes. They can suffer and feel loneliess, sure - but most of them aren't capable of crying out of sadness like we do.
Elephants are one of the few animals that produces tears out of sadness. They're grieving after a member of the herd dies is quite obvious. I'm sure you can get tons of documentaries online depicting the almost funeral-like assembly which consist of literally crying, burying the dead, and staying for long hours - sometimes even days - next to the grave. Some elephants have also been seen crying after reuniting with a long lost family member.
It's also not unusual for some primates, such as chimpanzees, dying after losing a close family member because they lose the will to feed themselves, etc. - or even developing aggressive behaviors towards other members of the family or even to completely disassociate itself from others of it's kind.
If they have tear ducts, yes they can. All animals have some type of basic emotion.
Cry as in vocal (whining/screaming)? Or tears?
I have seen both actually. A lot of animals cry from pain, usually vocally. But I have seen a few dogs cry tears as well. It was probably just a coincidence, but it's heartbreaking all the same.
Do you mean produce tears?
If you want to know if they cry out loud, then the answer is yes!
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Yes they can and do. I have yet to see tears, but dogs and cats both yowl and can scream.
Please note, I know this not because I have hurt animals but because I have had animals all my life and they do get hurt from time to time. Not by me tho :)
Yes, animals do cry. Actually, some animals do and some don't. Example? I learned about a marine mammal called a Dugong (lives in the Indian Ocean), and amazingly, it sheds actual tears when in trouble or pain. Overall, there's most animals that can show many emotions through physical and mental expressions! I don't think animals would cry like an actual human would, though. If you mean by animals shedding tears, yes they do. All animals have to shed tears, but we just don't see it. Tears are healthy for our and animal's eyes because they keep their eyes from drying out. In animals, not a lot of people would know for sure if tears are the result of actual tears or caused by eye irritation, but I do know for sure that animal shed tears and cry. Baby animals of all kinds will vocalize when separated from their mothers. Baby elephants in particular produce a very sad, keening sound which sounds like weeping. Hunters and some wildlife experts have claimed that the sound of a bear cub cries, when separated from its mother is remarkably similar to the cries of a human baby. In these cases, the cries probably serve as a form of direct communication with the mother. Personally, I think any animal that holds emotion and affection cries. Amazingly and in which, I think is really awesome, I heard that long time ago an old man died from a type of cancer from some sort of a food, and as everyone around his grave was crying, his two dogs were laying down, whimpering and crying.

Can an oryx kill a lion?

i heard that once before ,
lion can be killed by some big oryx with sword-alike horns .
anyone knows about thaté”›?!-- Question-to-best answer
Pretty much anything could kill a lion if it tried hard enough.
Lions probably die after they attempt to take down an oryx, which will use it's horns and hooves to defend itself. It's unlikely the lion would die in the actual attack, but due to injuries that prevent it from hunting or eating, or infection from open wounds.
A good solid kick or a horn in just the right spot could mean instant death, though.
oh yeah the white and black things with horns as long as 10 feet tall yeah they kill them all the time that's why lions aren't targeting them anymore
I don't know what an oryx is.but as far as I know, lions are basically at the top of the food chain.

Can an animal catch a cold from a human?

nope, viruses that cause colds recognize markers on cells that they attack called MHC proteins. different animals have different types of these proteins so a virus that attacks a cat cell wont be able to attack a human cell for example. for viruses to affect different species they must mutate properly( like some strains of "bird flu") but i havent heard of this happening in a regular cold virus.
I'm not sure a cold but you can catch pink eye. So be especially careful if your pets eyes are watery.
no they cant dogs pH and temp are too diff..that's why you cant catch your dogs cold either.
No they don't.The nature has made them in a way that you can cuddle them in bed comfortably when you get sick :)))
yes but if you want to be 100 percent sure ask a vet

Can a vet tech own and run their own vet clinic ?

can i have my own vet clinic when im done with school?
Of course you could, provided you work your a** off.
There are some vets who prefer to work a few days a week, and you could hire different vets, or you could find one to partner with, or one that will work at your practice full-time.
All it takes is money and lots of hard work.
No, you have to have a license. You have to become a Veterinary Doctor, because for one, it's the law, %26 two, you have to be licensed to treat %26 dispense meds to animals.
I'm sorry to say the answer is no. As a former vet tech I wanted to do the same, but federal regs say we are not allowed to own a clinic. I believe that is or was a question on the boards test.
If you have the right licenses and hire vets to work for you, it may be ok, but where would you get the money for that?
If you don't want to work with and under guidance of a veterinarian, then you should go to vet school and get your DVM degree. A clinic without a vet is useless because there will be a lot of animals needing surgery and meds.
Your alternative as a vet tech is to do your vet tech work as a member of a rescue organizatin, but in that case you don't own it, and you are still working with a vet, which it sounds like you don't wish to do.
That's why I said, you should go for your DVM.